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Over 50s Tea Club

FREE Over 50s Ladies Tea Club

The Tea Club allows ladies over the age of 50 to socialise with like minded people. Each week we have different topics we discuss different topics such as:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Fitness & Exercise
  • Language Skills
    For some people this is the only time they leave their homes.
    Every Fridays 5pm to 6pm
    Charge FREE

Over 50s Day trip & London Tour

We organised a day tripfor our over 50s Tea Club in May.
We took a group of 18 senior citizens including our volunteers on a River cruise on the River Thames at Westminister Pier, Then we went for a walk through St James Park to Buckingham PalaceEveryone had a great time which was complimented by the beautiful weather. A few ladies have being living in London for more than 30 years but had never seen ‘the Queen’s house’


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About us

The Shade Centre is a community based grass roots organisation. We cater for and facilitate the various social and health needs of our very diverse community. The centre is based in Manor Park, Newham, which is one of the most multi-cultural and ethnically diverse boroughs in London.