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Volunteer for The Shade

The Shade Centre is always buzzing with classes, Events, Lectures, Conferences etc… So we need volunteers all the time to assist us in preparation, promotion and organise events. Whatever time you may have to lend us would be much appreciated.

This is ideal for students or graduates who wish to gain valuable knowledge and experience in event management, charity fundraising, marketing and promotion. To the dedicated volunteer, The Shade Centre can provide a reference which you can include in your CV.

Contact us

The Shade Centre

Unit 1 Church Rd Studios
62 Church Road
Manor Park
London E12 6AF

If you have any questions relating to volunteering or any other matter, please contact Moin Uddin

Office: 020 7998 7768

Mobile: 079505 12345


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Volunteer for The Shade

About us

The Shade Centre is a community based grass roots organisation. We cater for and facilitate the various social and health needs of our very diverse community. The centre is based in Manor Park, Newham, which is one of the most multi-cultural and ethnically diverse boroughs in London.