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Project H.A.N.D

Homeless And Needy Development (Project HAND)

This is a project we are launching very soon.


During autumn 2014 we ran a pilot scheme where we went out with volunteers for research and to meet with local homeless and needy people in Newham and Tower Hamlets. We offered home made soup with bread, snacks and drinks to people who would approach us lured by the delicious smell.
We realised that there is very little support accessible or known to many people facing financial hardship, since then we have prepared to launch ‘Homeless And Needy Development’ (in short Project HAND). The objective is to establish local based food distribution packs (canned food) and regular soup runs, our intention is not just to give food,but also to offer advice and refer people to other government backed support groups to help people get out of their difficulties.

We are looking to work with councils, community organisations, faith groups and charities to deliver this program, build community ties and encourage integration.

please feel free to contact us if you or your organisation wants to get involved.


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The Shade Centre is a community based grass roots organisation. We cater for and facilitate the various social and health needs of our very diverse community. The centre is based in Manor Park, Newham, which is one of the most multi-cultural and ethnically diverse boroughs in London.